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Life is Good

The idea to this track was to try out pads a little more. I wanted to have some bright clear pads to fill the room and I hope that I did OK. I got the inspiration for the pads (especially at 0.46 - 1.12) from the Tour de France track from 2009.

Anyway, as usual I used a lot of great presets from you guys here at the SCS community.
I have tweaked them all but I think that the ones who did them will recognize their sounds. Thank you very much all of you!

I also used not only one but two compressors (with side chaining) for the first time in this track. Thanks to Jason and Rej who wrote this post, http://www.singlecellsoftware.com/node/1337, about using the compressor and side chaining.

Presets used:
- Chip Lead
- Bells
PCM Synth:
- PB SoundTrax
- Bass Suspense
- Bass TX81Z Log
- Electronomist Psy


Hope you enjoy it and that life is good!

/: ice machine

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Nice tight sounds on this.

Nice tight sounds on this.

Very atomospheric. Bass sound was definitly full. :)


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Wow Ice Machine, you have

Wow Ice Machine, you have evolved in your creativity, and it really shows here! Well done sir.

Adrian King
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Really nice work.... dreamy

Really nice work.... dreamy and unique... good range of sounds used too. Nice mixed stereo panning, it's balanced very well :D

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@Mike: Thanks a lot for your thoughts, and you are correct I like basslines and beats. Perhaps a little to much sometimes, that's why I have to practice pads :)

@jblann1: Hej Jason, I bow and say thank you very much for these warming words from a master of sounds!

@mniip: Thanks a bunch for the nice feedback. Glad that you liked it and its sounds. Good luck with your exams!


/: niclas