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Fenster - "O Cearnaigh" - Acid Breaks

made some Acid Breaks,


3 points if you can guess the source of samples used.


my surname is Carney, O Cearnaigh is the original Irish version of it, nothing to do with Carnival folk at al, but when you hear your name mentioned about 20 twices in a TV show, you just have to sample it :)

Here is the Caustic file, if anyone would like to do a mix or play around with it please be my guest.




I make tunes quite slowly, snatching 15 minutes here and there, I find by the time I finish something, I have heard it over and over so much,  I have no idea how the mix sounds, so any input would be very appreciated




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Hey mr Carney,

Hey mr Carney,

This is a great track that you have put together with your surname all over it :)  It think that the bass is very alright.

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Loving this a lot - it's

Loving this a lot - it's reminiscent of that period where UK Hardcore was just beginning to morph into D'n'b/Jungle. 1991-2 sort of time.