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Processing Vocals In Caustic 3.2

Caustic has always had a processing quality better than nearly anything else on mobile. And now that Caustic 3.2 is out with its new wave editor, I guess it can really do some great stuff with vocals.

While it certainly cannot double vocals or tune them (it can, manually; but extremely inaccurately), it's possible to apply high-quality Caustic vocals, AND do a bit of other useful stuff, like manual de-essing by applying filters on sibilant areas. These vocals can then be played with the Beatbox machine.

Any other ideas about how Caustic can finally do something about vocals? Because nearly every other application I've used, has ruined the audio quality. Audio Evolution has some high-quality effects and tools, but the ones that won't screw the quality are from Tone Boosters; which you have to pay for separately.

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And to easily add this setup

And to easily add this setup into caustic...


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Beatbox? I suppose if you

Beatbox? I suppose if you have eight samples or less, that's adequate, but PCM is my go-to machine for sample playback. Especially ever since Alexei Bourdan did the heavy lifting of assigning each key its own sample space, so all you have to do is drop in the sound.


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The pitch shifting / time

The pitch shifting / time stretching tools, the new bar ruler and the snap function in the wave editor are great additions when working with vocals.

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UncleAfx, that sounds really

UncleAfx, that sounds really good. It's surprising to hear something on a phone achieve that.

stePH, I use beatbox because it lets me quickly adjust volume levels in different parts of the song. Also, I'm not that good with PCM :P

pquenin, yes; I think the snapping would work great for more electronic sounds.