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Andy Bones
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Joined: 03/29/2012 - 21:55
My breakbeat/ industrial LP using only Caustic- check it out Jefe

I've been using Caustic like crazy for about a year now. Check out what I've made from scratch:


I have uploaded 22 complete songs so far, and I'm very proud of em. "Mushroom Cloud Dispenser", "Philadelphia Experiment", and "The Cutter" are my best work IMHO. It's all free to download if you like. Enjoy!

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Pretty impressive.

Pretty impressive.

steve conroy
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Yeah Andy Bones rocks on

Yeah Andy Bones rocks on caustic!Keep up the good work

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these are pretty badass, are

these are pretty badass, are you doing all of the mastering in Caustic or working with the output in something else for final mixdown?