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Microphone Auto Switch Off?

Hi, first of all I want to congratulate you on this App.

I have Bought it already for two phones!

On my new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, it works fine for some time and then I have the impression as if something switches off the microphone of the phone. There is no audio input. The only way is to restart the App. But then it happens again. Sometimes it is stable for 10 minutes sometimes it just lasts some minutes.

I have already looked, if there is something like an auto energy saver or similar but I could not find it.

Funny enough it just started happening when updating to the full version (e.g. after buing the licence).

Any suggestions?

And by the way: I want to follow up with some others in the forum with the request, if you are doing an update, to include a stop/pause button.

Best wishes

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If the mic switches off half-way through a session, it could be something wrong with the physical headphone connector tricking the phone into thinking it has a built-in mic, which would make it turn off the phone's mic. Try using a different set of headphones to see if the problem persists. It also could be a known bug with Android (depending on which version you have) that requires a reboot of the device when the mic goes crazy like this. It's not something I've seen on my wife's S3 (but hers is the international, non-LTE version so I believe it's completely different hardware).

It should not have anything to do with the licence as the "full version" is just a software switch that enables a few buttons, it doesn't change anything in the recording part. BTW, you shouldn't have had to buy it for two phone unless you're using two different Google accounts, the second should just have been a download without paying.