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Ghost snares improve flow of drum patterns

I know a lot of folks know this trick, but I discovered it by accident so maybe some of you would like to know it.

I started using minimum velocity as the default for new notes when creating the patterns...I can try it out with different notes accented without having to delete anything if I decide to change the pattern...I might put down a lot of possible kicks and snares and try a lot of variations, once it's closer to how I want it to sound, I delete the ghost notes that I didn't use.

Then I noticed when I was cleaning ghost notes out of a beat, it didn't sound the same. Even minimum velocity ghost notes can be heard with headphones if the track is relatively quiet, but mine was loud and didn't think any deleted ghost notes should have such a dramatic effect...A part of the drum beat had an awesome smooth rolling flow that reminded me of"The Funky Drummer" but it went away while removing ghost notes, so I spent some time experimenting and learned a technique that I went back and applied to most of my old drum tracks.

Look in your beat for 16th note gaps where there are no beats triggered in the column, and fill that gap with a single minimum velocity snare hit, then listen again.

To me it ties the beats together in an organic way, and gives it the cool subtle dynamics of 60s and 70s funk but I think it would improve songs of most genres, it might not fit on songs that are trying for a cold and mechanical feel, and if none of your beats are that close together it doesn't work, I experimented with multiple ghost snares in a row and also 1/8 note and 32nd note ones, multiples and longer notes don't work, shorter ones have a little but of an effect but it's not very noticeable.

And to me, ghost snares seem the best for this, but others do to.