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Joey Quint'
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5 tracks by me

Here are 5 tracks of mine. They have all been made between 2014 and today. So they were mostly made with 3.2 but the first was only with 3.1, and I just discovered Caustic at the time. Two of them are on Soundcloud, because I consider them finished. The three others, not sure. There's room for improvements, I have some ideas, so it won't be on Soundcloud for now.

I call them all "Idea" because it's literally how I call them in Caustic. Real titles come after but I'm never really sure.


Idea 1 ("Emergence")

That is my very first creation in Caustic, made in 2014. It sounds like old music but I quite liked it at that time. Would be refreshing if I remade a new version of it though.
It made me think of space, so I wanted to keep that feeling during the whole music.
Also the sound is quite bad because I had some shitty headphones at the time and there was no mastering app, so it is almost straight from Caustic, but it has passed through equalizers in Audacity to try to make it better (I kinda failed).

Idea 11 ("Running"?)

Something I started around the end of 2015, I was playing Syphon Filter (1st title) at the time and I thought it fit the atmosphere somehow.
Actually, I realized that unconsciously I took inspiration from the music from the first level of Nightmare Creatures (1st title) in some way, I can definitely recognize some similarities. But that really was not intentional, I didn't remember the music itself at the time.
I had made the first half at first, then it stayed like that for a very long time, I wasn't satisfied. I was almost ready to put the track here and ask for some collaboration because I had zero inspiration. But some weeks ago something must have happened in my head and I made the second half (and modified the first a little bit). And now I really like it.

Idea 33 ("Vacillating")

Much more recent, from autumn 2016. I've arleady put it here sometime ago. It hasn't changed much since then. It's just been mastered but I didn't upload this version. I hate Soundcloud for not allowing to replace a track for free.
I don't know why but I really like the feeling in this one. It does something to me.

Idea 36

I don't really like this track actually. Started it last summer I think. In the beginning I did (well, in the beginning it was a bit different, had a softer feeling, but some said it sounded like porn), and I eventually started to give up on it. I'm not satisfied but I'm kinda stuck at the same time. So for now it will stay like that. Maybe someday I'll have an apple hitting my head and it will become a wonderful track I'd love, but not for now.

Idea 47

A very recent track, which didn't take long to make. I was searching for some presets here, and someone has made a kind of warm pad (couldn't tell who it is) for PCMSynth, but instead of being a single note it's a whole chord. And the first key I pressed after loading this preset inspired me. But I didn't want to use it as is, so I used another warm pad preset that had single notes and was less muffled, so I could be more free with it, and the track evolved very fast. I had done the most of it in about 1 week.
Well, there's still a part where it could be less "empty", I'll see what I can do. That's why I didn't upload it on Soundcloud after all.


So, yeah, that's all. What can I say... Enjoy!