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My FTP rage

This morning I tried to get a Caustic project or two off my iPad so I could send them to a friend. I tried everything, I logged into my router and made sure the relevant ports were forwarded, tried uppercase and lowercase username and password. I made sure all the details were correct, I just couldn't get AndFTP on my Android phone to connect. After an hour I was raging out. There was no good reason why AndFTP kept saying: "Can't connect to server."

After giving up for a few hours I tried again and it worked.

Dose the Caustic FTP stop if the iPad screen times out? Because it was taking me longer to set up the port forwarding and AndFTP than the screen timeout on my iPad and I was thinking after that this was my main problem? That and the fact I needed to use lowercase username and password and also I think the iPad has some sort of MAC address randomisation when it's restarted, or maybe just when it reconnects to the router. Any ideas about that? So obviously I had to go back into the router settings a couple of times and tell it about the new device on the network.

Anyway keeping the iPad screen on all the while and using lowercase login credentials and having the ports forwarded properly seemed to do the trick.