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Time Snapping for effect knobs (How To)

Just thought I would drop this here since it's been mentioned recently.

You can snap an effects rate to a certain time division by doing the following:

1. Set an LFO in any machine to be the desired rate.

2. Go to the pattern sequencer and go to automation mode.

3. Copy the automated rate of the LFO.

4. Set the effect rate to automate in song mode.

5. Paste the automation key at the desired time in the song sequencer.

6. Repeat this process for any rate changes you need.

7. Done!

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It's a good workaround.  I'd

It's a good workaround.  I'd still love to see it built-in as default though.  Would really love to be able to bake tempo-synced effects into sounds using that automated system Caustic has for grabbing instruments.  I'm doubtful though, that even if it does get implemented, that there would be a way to choose the start of the phase as well.

For me personally, without the ability to select phase, tempo sync would be as good as useless unless I was prepared to go around manually offsetting each sampling by 50% of the sampling time, and then clipping-off the surplus.  I'd literally have to do that for every key at every velocity, and that just ain't gonna happen no matter how daring I feel.

Having tempo-sync with phase selection built-in though, means we can drop the effect into that effect slot in the instrument grabber, hit the button, and grab a coffee while it does it's thing.  It would literally turn week-long jobs into minutes.


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Can you send me a demo for

Can you send me a demo for this? I don`t understand that so good!

Big Big World (Rob L. Remix)