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Transport MIDI control threshold too low, maybe feature request

Hi. I'm using CC MIDI events for transport control (play/stop/rec), and I noticed my presses, when I do not hit it hard, do not work. So I went to MIDI mapping configuration, and tried the LEARN button to re-setup, and here all presses worked, also when I hit the external controller (AKAI MPK MINI) button softly.

So I downloaded a MIDI debug app, and it turns out that my controller send a 0-127 value with the CC hit depending on how hard I hit it (like velocity for notes). I think the CC command is valid for Caustic only when "velocity" is ~64 or more. Is it possible to lower that threshold? Or just make it work if >0? After all transport control is an "impulse" signal, and should not depend on velocity, right?

Thank you.