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copy and paste

If you have a tune in your subsynth and you want it in your PCMsynth to try out different instruments for it you can copy it across from one device to the other. Just go to the pattern editor, select the pattern you want and press copy. Next go to the pattern editor for the new device and select paste and it will copy the pattern across for you. Also works from subsynth to subsynth and PCMsynth to PCMsynth

steve conroy
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thanks for that hoops Steve

thanks for that hoops

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Yup, good one, thanks for

Yup, good one, thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to mention it as a feature of v2.0

In fact you can paste almost anything into the synth piano roll sequencers, even the Bassline patterns. But because of the bassline's limited octave range, you can't go the other way. That will likely change for v2.1 as I'd like to offer a full piano roll sequencer to the bassline. I'll post something in the feature requests forum to gather ideas on that later..

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Also. You can copy notes from

Also. You can copy notes from one song to another.