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Another Experiment!

Here's another experiment i created on caustic and thing i faced due lack of my complete knowledge about the app.

1.) Ran out of the machines half way through the track and my reaction was like "ohh just one more, just needed one more" hahaha, i did posted in the forum previously about it but then it was little late to use the pack by Eipstudio. Also i think from next time need to make a rough sketch about the track on paperenlightened and then implement it in Caustic! What do you guys suggest?

2.)Automation : One thing i want to know is can i delete a automation i previously applied in machine and start from the scratch? I wanted to do that but when i started all the previous automations made it difficult for me!

Pretty much this things so far!

About the speech part in the track : I experimented with the Vocality to Text App posted in another thread in here. EQ'd it in PC.

About Sitar : i think maybe pan65  or wardini's track i dnt remember the name but from someone's caustic project i took.

Reviews and suggestions welcomed! 


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1. I tend to write 'live' and

1. I tend to write 'live' and just pick a rack instrument, write a pattern and then swap to another rack write another pattern and build it up from there. I don't have too much of a concrete idea when I start a tune so sketching it out would be really stretching for me - I may start a track with the plan for it to be a trancey tune or an acid tune but that's about as far as I go.

With the stuff you're writing then creating PCM presets with multiple samples will probably be the easiest until we have more Racks available (next release of Caustic if I'm not mistaken). This is because you're probably only using a note or two on some racks for drones/FX - I've not started creating my own PCM presets but there's YouTube tutorials out there, Jason pretty much lives and breathes this approach too and a lot of other forum members like Danjob are pretty comfortable creating their own PCM presets.

So, in this instance your vocals and sitar could sit in the same PCM preset leaving you a rack space free.

2. Automation - select the instrument or rack where you want to remove the automation, press the record button while the track is NOT playing and then press and hold the control you want to remove automation from. A pop will appear asking 'are you sure'.

As for the track I really like it, it's always great to hear people taking Caustic in different directions.

I've also edited your soundcloud link so the mini player is available.

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Tried out the jblann's method

Tried out the jblann's method and yep that would be helpful!

Thanks for the suggestions and inputs!


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My first experiences with

My first experiences with Caustic was just like yours, I always ended up asking for more machines. But the limit of 6 machines isn’t all bad since it forces you to be more creative with what you got. If you plan ahead and test different approaches you can make fantastic music with only 6 machines or even less. Now I often find myself ready with a song and still have a spare unused machine, and I use the Subsynth most of the time so there are no “multi sample presets” involved.

As long as you are happy with the end result it’s all good, no one will ever know how close to your initial idea you ended up. Be a little wild and crazy, do things you normally wouldn’t do and make sure to have fun on the journey. But please don’t sit around and wait for more machines, those will come in time but using them might slow things down especially if your on a slow device. And less machines means less sounds to care for in your final mix so think small (less is more).

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Thanks for the ideas pan65,

Thanks for the ideas pan65, "Be a little wild and crazy, do things you normally wouldnt do and make sure to have fun on journey" WOW nice words out there!! That are some saintly words hahahahahah!


Cheers for this!