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iOS 10.3.2: Bluetooth Headphones and AudioCopy Issues

iPad Air 2 and Caustic version 3.2
I'm just wondering if Bluetooth compatibility will ever be looked at. Currently, all of my apps work with my wireless headphones except for Caustic which always defaults to the iPad output with no option to switch.

Also, when attempting to bring over my samples from AudioCopy to Beatbox, I get this message.
"Sorry: There was a problem trying to import a sound from AudioShare!" Again this is me attempting to import a sample from AudioCopy into Beatbox.

Love the app btw, it's very intuitive, just would be nice to have these issues resolved.

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Are you talking about Audio

Are you talking about Audio Copy or AudioShare (which is mentioned in the error message)? The iOS libraries in Caustic are not current. You can you Open In from AudioShare with no problem. You can also export to AudioShare. Audio Copy is not something I would bother with unless absolutely necessary (I.e.: there was no other option in an app). IMHO


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Again, this is using

Again, this is using AudioCopy, but the error message states that there was a problem importing from AudioShare. I don't use/have AudioShare.

I appreciate the response though.

What about as far as the bluetooth issue? It seems like other people might be having the same problem as well.

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I second the Bluetooth issue.

I second the Bluetooth issue.  Caustic with BT headphones works on my Android devices, desktop for OSX and Win10, but neither on iPhone nor iPad. 

On iOS ive observed the following behavior:

When listening to music with BT headphones in another app, then switching app in focus to Caustic, the music is suddenly from the unit speakers or headphone jack  

When switching focus back to the app playing music, the sound is again through the BT headphones.