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caustic file:



Machines & presets;

Subsynth Awesome Preset by mniip from his SONG5 A.K.A. "Wrath of the Strawberries" http://www.singlecellsoftware.com/node/1458

PCM Builderz Project style homemade w' 3 pads

PCM Builderz Project style homemade w' Mellotron, pad and organ bass pedals

PCM Synth Choir samples from Sound fonts

Beat Box 2 homemade loops panned and assorted samples existing beat box presets

titled after a Philip K. Dick novel.

I had been communicating with Pan65 about different ways of composing with caustic. Looping a section and playing over it on another instrument was one we talked about. I remembered Andy Bones said he worked out everything in his head before he even started with Caustic so that is what I tried with this one… except in my head I heard the London Philharmonic Orchestra with a pipe organ, a huge choir, squarepusher, Deadmau5, Dream Theater etc. It didn't come out like it was in my head but it did make it really fast & easy to input the music into Caustic because i already sort of knew where i was going with it. 

It is exactly a year this week since I first downloaded Caustic and is the 22nd song i've uploaded to soundcloud. That means I created almost  2 songs a month (!) all of it would not exist without Caustic, and i wouldn't have met all the great people here on the forum or heard all of their inspiring compositions.

I am really thankful for that.smiley

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Wardini this is excellent

Wardini this is excellent work and very unique musically for you in some spots, very creative.

Well done sir  cool


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wow..amazing work!! liked the

wow..amazing work!! liked the end.... ;)

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crazy stuff (as always),

crazy stuff (as always), sounds like a TV theme tune. Really great sound.

I may have used 'Awesome Synth' a few times since Mniip posted his .caustic file too ;)

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Yes, another Philip K.Dick

Yes, another Philip K.Dick release by Wardini! With the french cover, please. (I owned this one in another edition, the one you used is "j'ai lu", right?)

Great composition, chapeau bas, Mr Wardini!

Hope this "Yancy theme" is not your penultimate track. 


Do you really have enough place in your head for all this people with their instruments?laugh


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Happy aniversary ^_^

Happy aniversary ^_^

Great organ intro!

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I’m very thankful for you

I’m very thankful for you allowing us to hear your extraordinary music. I was going to sleep when my phone announced a new upload on SC. Yeah, I know I should have ignored the annoying signal but my curiosity took over and when I saw the name Wardini there was no turning back. Well I had a hard time falling asleep after that kick, but when I finally did I did it with a smile on my facesmiley. Just as I thought you couldn’t possibly surprise me any more you release this. So! What’s it gonna be next time? Will we hear the first Caustic Punk rock song, Death metal, Opera?