Robot Pulse Pan (Pocket Operator 28 sample)

Pcmsynth Preset


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I really like the sounds on the PO-28 Robot from Teenage Engineering. the sound has a built in vibrato effect...but it doesnt start right away. it basically has an attack envelope on the vibrato, so you get an effect much like the fancy aftertouch system some expensive synths have. be sure to hold the note down a bit to hear the effect. AFAIK, the only way to do an attack envelope on an effect like that in Caustic would be to use the modular machine...doable, but I felt it would be easier to just use samples, so decided to make my first try at a PCMsynth preset. this is just one of the sounds on the Robot, its sound #2/10 just called "Pulse" in the manual. some of the other sounds on the robot seem like this one, but with an LFO, and echo, or something else added, so it seemed like the best one to go with.

on the actual Robot, you can customize the rate and depth of the vibrato. of course, that option is lost when bringing the sample over, so I just used the settings I usually play with, hope you like it. i used six samples to create the preset, all the a's and e's. the robot only has three octaves. i "thought" i kept the volume the same for all the samples, but for some reason i had to edit some levels for a couple of them to make them sound smooth with the rest...not sure if there is a bug between the PO, my PC, and Caustic, or between my keyboard and chair. o.O I just trusted my ears in the end. I limited polyphony to 3, because the preset begins to feel a bit muddy to me past that. 3 is cool though, its really nice to play triads with this sound, which you cant do on the actual robot. I applied a light pan, just because I really like that feature on the panned grand preset that comes with caustic.

overall, I think it turned out pretty well. its a bit like a chiptune/8bit rhoades kind of sound. Hope you like it, if you do, or if you have any feedback or constructive criticism, please share!