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caustic file:



PCM Vocal samples created using Vocality by PolynomialC Software (Bojeroo)

and Ivona Voices TTS engine Gwyneth UK English and the Google Girl.. Giggle samples found on grsites samples and were said to be public domain

Subsynth Preset Atari Chipped made using AKWF 8 bit wave forms

PCM preset made using Bagpipe samples re-tuned correctly

Bassline using PuppetMetal Preset by Ponyportal (cool preset)

Subsynth using Synth Bass 09 preset by Pan65

Beat Box with Trance Kit 01 preset altered with a few other samples



Like everyone here I have been messing with  Bojeroo's Vocality app and the Ivona Voices Beta. Both Tell Me by Astotrance and danjdo's Say Nothing Girl are pretty impressive works and testaments to the viability of the technique. I was trying to do a 'rap' but the lyrics I wrote were, to use the technical term: STUPID. I overheard a conversation on the bus which inspired these lyrics. I know the laughing parts are cheating a bit but but it just worked better with them. I have no explanation as to why the claps are on beats 1 and 3 except that people do it. One thing I found for creating a rap  with Vocality  is that if you use single word samples you have more control over the acapella's rhythmic phrases in the PCM machine.



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Hahaha Wardini! this is

Hahaha Wardini! this is precious!  If you didn't say you used Vocality, I would have thought you used dialog samples from somewhere... nice work and mood.

yescool EIPSO Thumbs Up for an energectic electric tone and great use of Vocality

I'm gonna have to play with it some more myself and try some tricks I have up my sleeve.....

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That made me laugh out loud

That made me laugh out loud Wardini. It's the context of the overheard conversation that does it. :o)

Did you use the split export option in Vocality to generate the speech samples?

For those who don't know, Gwyneth has a Welsh accent, which makes it an interesting voice to use (in a good way).

Nice work again Wardini!

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there's an 80's heart beating

there's an 80's heart beating all the way through this - shades of The Art of Noise, The Flying Lizards and 80's synth pop.

Very funny :D


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your tracks are always very original and inspiring and shows us the posibilities of fantastic Caustic.

Greetings winu


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Ha ha, precious! You really

Ha ha, precious! You really nailed that teenage conversation there (I suppose it was teenagers you overheard). The giggles and the voices match very well, was it a lucky shoot or did you tune the voices to match?

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Great use of Vocality Wardini

Great use of Vocality Wardini, I keep meaning to incorporate it into one of my tracks after hearing how effective it is, but I also struggle with what words to use - made me smile to read this was a conversation on a bus, I can easily believe that!

Then again Benni Benassi - Satisfaction's lyrics didn't really make a lot of sense! (Which is what springs to mind when I think of synthesised lyrics)

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wow, i love it...very fun.

wow, i love it...very fun.  great use of vocality.

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Thanks Guys, I obviously had  a little too much fun with this

(Love Art Of Noise BTW)


Jblann1 I can't WAIT to hear what YOU do with vocality.  Everybody should seriously check it out and as I've said elsewhere IMHO Vocality combined with the Vocoder is going to be a game changer.cool


Yes boleroo I used Split and I experimented a lot with time and pitch. My favorite thing was the first part where I stretched it out in vocality so the voice sounds a little shaky making it apparent that she doesn't 'rock' at all .wink


 Pan65 it was  lucky in  that it sounded right with the US Google Girl, so I re did it to favor 'her' voice a little more.


DanSeb, good point: a lot of lyrics don't make a lot of sense out of context.