Death Grips

Beatbox Preset


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8 samples from death grips songs i like (and are easy to sample), mainly from No Love Deep Web, just two from Exmilitary:

-Lil Boy kickdrum
-Stockton kickdrum
-Guillotine snare
-Hunger games snare
-Culture crash snare
-Stockton HH
-Lil Boy percussion (the one you hear in the intro)
-No Love kick or whatever that sound is (i called it floor according to what Zach plays in the video)

Most of them are just as you can hear them in the song, i had to filter the Stockton HH to remove bass and culture crash snare has some reverb cause it was too short. You will find some sample with decreased decay, i used it to make a precise fade out, cause in wav editor i couldn't do it. Hope you'll like it!

(sorry for my english. This is my first post here, just wanted to say I love Caustic, wav editor is great!)