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60 tracks in 60 minutes, all I need is a... MINIT2WINIT

Bandcamp: https://mindfool.bandcamp.com/album/minit2winit

Around six months ago the idea to create 60 tracks that would all clock in at exactly one minute popped into my head.  Once struck it rooted itself into my psyche as I wrestled with the inevitable logistics and complexities such a project would demand.  I knew it would appeal to a part of me that can endlessly obsess over trivial details and it also pointed to a potentially stimulating way forward in my ongoing Caustic adventure.  These thoughts were quickly followed by a multitude of reasons to abandon this madness before it could even begin.  What could be achieved in a solitary minute?  Could the creative impulse overcome and thrive under such a rigid and dogmatic restriction? Would 60 of these things really end up being worthy of a listener’s attention?

The doubts kept coming but the idea had sunk too deep and crucially, it already had a name - MINIT2WINIT.  

It was odd at the beginning and often frustrating as I began to piece together ideas, themes, rhythms, patterns, all of which had to be wrapped neatly up by 1:00.  Subtle waveform manipulation outside of Caustic allowed the possibility of coming in slightly under or slightly over, but only by fractions of a second here and there.  Tempos could be altered, but never at the expense of overall essence and mood.  Arrangement and structure quickly established themselves as my key allies in this crazy quest and gradually a method and rhythm began to develop.

The process of creating minute-length tracks became hardwired into my brain.  Whenever an idea presented itself I would find a way to condense it down to it’s essential elements.  I did this so many times it almost became second nature, to the extent that it’s almost difficult to go back to the usual freedom of no time restrictions.

Months later I had 60 tracks, one hour exactly (the finished thing just had to be one hour).  Creating a running order proved difficult as a few tracks weren’t flowing quite so well, so I made a dozen more.  The weakest 12 could then be ejected from the new total of 72 and finally an acceptable track listing was put together.  All that remained was to make an accompanying video and the project was complete.

I’m not sure if it’s my favourite but if I happen to ask myself the question “Minit07 Response” quickly pops into my mind.  Out of all the tracks only “Minit59 Uniform” and one of the rejects existed in some form before this project began, both rough unfinished ideas reworked extensively to fit in.  “Minit10 Jobs” was the first track I made once the project was under way and still one of the best I think.  Closing track “Minit60 Minit” was the last to be made, the only one featuring “lyrics”.  The lyrics go like this:

And all I need is a minute to win it

A minute to win it

That’s all I need

I’m glad it’s done and I’m glad it’s out there now.  As usual I have no idea how to get anybody to actually listen to it (other than posting here) but I’ve never given much time or thought to things like that.

If you have an hour to spare (and I do mean exactly an hour) please give it a listen.

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That's a crazy concept. Along

That's a crazy concept. Along with the title and video it seems like a well rounded project. Didn't listen yet... but I'll do...

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I wondered what you were up

I wondered what you were up to, conspicuous by your abscence...lol..man this is some piece of work, I must admit to be slightly lost for words, but anyway, I do have more than an hour commute, but only had a chance to listen to the first 5, and I must say so far they all seem to work within the tight parameters you have imposed, all sounding very good with variation to each one, my fav so far is Minit 2, oh like the video, compliments the project and gives it some extra focus

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This is so cool. XD

This is so cool. XD

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You're nuts .... but I mean

You're nuts .... but I mean that in a good way!  I promise I will find an uninterrupted hour soon to give your project the listening it deserves.

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Thanks for the comments so

Thanks for the comments so far!  This is pretty mental, I must admit.  I’m definitely not expecting anybody to listen to this whole thing in one sitting btw, I’ve probably only done that myself a couple of times.  It’s more designed to dip in and out of, e.g. pick your favourite number between 1 & 60 and jump to that.

I’ve also used it on occasion to “time” my walks, journeys or other activities, more fun than a stopwatch!  This might even be the first album somebody could cook their dinner to XD