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Just got monitors...Any tips and tricks?

Hey folks!

I just got studio monitors from my lady friend for christmas.
Some Krk Rokit 6's. Any mixing tips and tricks?
I've never used monitors before this but, holy shit I can hear everything. Also when it comes to mixing and mastering is caustic limited? One mix I made sounded particularly good. But I don't know. Should I be using both caustic and (for an example) ableton to mix and master to get a really good professional production?

Attached link was the mix that was particularly good.

Any advice or do's and don'ts would be much appreciated.

Would also appreciate some genre specific advice.

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Check previous threads. I

Check previous threads. I believe u may find A lot of what u r after.

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I only work with headphones (good ones) but wish I had monitors and the dedicated area to create a good space to use them. So, I can't give much monitor advice other than to use them in a good environment, sound-wise. I think Caustic is all you need to create a good mix and I wanted to say that "Mammal" was really good. I guess if you wanted to polish a final Caustic mix, there are tools (maybe even a Caustic Mastering app, maybe, some day) but the mix is the foundation and I think Caustic is all you need to build a good one.


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Turn of master limiter, dont

Turn of master limiter, dont use master reverb, and delay.
Good luck :)