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Looking forward to your responses and opinions for this project : topic it is not we are the world...





I am generating a fund raiser towards returning to the community and as well generate a buzz over the response to what peace actually is. I was watching the news and witness a lot of rallies riled up towards what is seen to be in approbated behavior towards wanting understanding to what are people looking for. I wish to not only extend the opportunity to record music for the world but try to see if we can common ground as musicians to make a song the world will remember....Every t-shirt is an invitation to a session at a local recording studio called jamspot I will be on roving with refund raiser after this launch of it being today it will end on the 18th of Feburary and will resume after I have made a touch base with musicians who are serious musicians. Here is to the ohm not only one person can make but all of those who love making music.....#LIVES MATTER# the t-shirt invitations can be found at this website:  https://www.customink.com/fundraising/seven-sette-bandcamp



P.S. You can contact me at these emails :