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how to make hip hop


So I find these videos pretty helpful, I figured I'd put them all in a playlist so there's more information in one spot rather than having to look it all up separately.


I was able to make this (with some help) with stuff I learned off of these videos.

A couple of tips on finding samples,

Movie soundtracks from the 60s-70s are usually pretty good for finding loops, I've had luck with twilight zone, dirty harry, and fist of fury. Any flick with a jazzy soundtrack should work. And you can also take vocal snippets, from movies or even just YouTube videos, to give your beat a little more meaning.

(If anyone has any more useful information, feel free to share below)

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Thanks for sharing, I didn't

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know Lord Finesse was also a producer.  Return of The Funky Man was the bomb when I bought it on cassette 25+ years ago lol.

I found this channel really interesting since it covers some of my old favorites like Dwyck, Punks Jump up to get Beat Down, and Mind Playing Tricks....


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Yeah lord finesse is pretty

Yeah lord finesse is pretty dope, I'm stuck on Lewis Parker. I wish someone would break down his beats, but like no one knows who he is so I don't see it happening.