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Alexei bourdan 2.0
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In My Mind I'm Free - New Tune

This is my first post for aaaaages. I'm still making tunes but my phone is a dick and keeps closing down caustic when I'm using it and it's really frustrating. It actually started as a deep house tune but turned into this. I originally wanted to get a robot saying  stuff about freedom and flying cos I kinda feel like that when I listen to the main bits. Then I was reading some Stephen Hawking quotes when he died and it was a no brainer.
I only just realised on this tune that fx 1 feeds thru to fx 2. That meant I could have a delay in slot 1 with full feedback, and then use a multi filter/parametric eq on it, which you can hear at the beginning with the arp and in the middle with the samples. If anyone's interested, I made the samples online using lingojam, which is an amazinng voice generator website. If anyone wants to look inside the file itself,  gimme a shout and I'll Dropbox it. It's 110MB. Hope you like.