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Tip: Using a single Modular as a stereo send for multiple machines

What's up Caustic fam?


Got a cool one for you. Apologies in advance if yall knew this already.


So I usually have tons of drums in my tracks; I place my kicks, snares and one shot percussion in a Beatbox, sometimes two if i'm feeling really froggy, and I usually place my chromatic drums (hi-hats & percussion played across the keyboard) and timed drums (percussion loops, drum breaks, etc.) in a single PCMSynth all together. I really liked the idea of using Modular as a send, but I just couldn't figure out for the life of me how to use it for more than one machine but also keep it in stereo, since you have to sum all of the machines using a mixer and mixers only output to mono.


BUT I figured out how to route things out to stereo from the mixers, and I feel like an idiot realizing how simple it was, but wanted to share for future generations of Causticians (?) haha.


Here's how you set it up:


1. Create Machine Input modules for each of the machines you want routed to the send

2. Create two seperate Mixer modules (one per channel)

3. Route all Machine Input audio channels to one module per side (put all Left channels from all Machine Inputs into one Mixer, put all Right channels into the other)

4. Route the Mixer outputs to the proper Main Output channels


and there you have it.


**BONUS** You can use the Input Level Knobs on the mixers to adjust the send output levels for each machine, which leads to the only drawback: you have to adjust the levels of each left and right channel seperately. There's probably a way to refine this and route them to one knob each, but I haven't figured that out yet. 


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If you addtionally want to

If you addtionally want to use a filtering, you can add one of the "x2" filter modules to the signal path. They can filter left and right with the same frequency/resonance.

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There is no end to what is

There is no end to what is possible with the Modular synth, using the machine input. My last track used a single Modular synth and 4 machine inputs. i won't bore you but the back side looked like spaghetti. It was a lot of fun. You are definitely discovering some cool applications and I'm sure you aren't done yet.

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You're not confined to the

You're not confined to the dual filters for stereo processing. There's a couple of mixers in the bottom row of the modsynth here. The left output will control cutoff. The right will control resonance ( or anything else you may wish to simultaneously control).

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