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Audio Process 1

Hello Single Cell software. Before I start with this I want you to know that this is based on my own experience and it is just things realized trough my production. But since tips and tricks has to little content that can inspire users I decided to write this Audio tips hoping that someone will update their knowledge about the nature of production.

Workflow part 1

0. Think in reverse to get more Room in your tracks

1. Start making music on your phone speaker first.

2. Silence the speaker until you find that nice spot where you can hear all the sounds equally.

3. Start making music

4. Do not use reverb or delay while you are doing this because it can ruin your perception of audio loudness.

5. Put the distortion effect in a master. Turn of eq, turn of limiter.

6. Set the pre of distortion on 9 a clock. Set the post on 5 a clock. Set the amount on 7 a clock.

7. Set the master Volume on max and you are ready to making music from a scratch.


The distortion module will add a warm analog sound to your project. This way you will get that one dynamic range that is suitable for tuning the volume. On headphones this process can be a little confusing because headphones are actually simulating our hearing range. On speaker it's allways more natural. On headphones the sound can go to far out and you will not be able to tune everything in right direction.
You can start by making the end of your track.
This will give you ideas for intro. This always works because by making the end of your track first can give you ideas for the beginning of any track. Make sure that the end of a track sounds really good. Then put that end on the beginning of sequencer. You start from end and you add element by element to it. You can start by making the loudest part of a track. The loudest part of a track is always the most chaotic part of a track. This is the part where you need to do a lot of work. Make sure you that this part of a song sound, clean, thick, and perfectly suited for the outro.
Before I end this thread I will add two important things if you are a beginner.
You can not add thickness to sound if you do not add depth. So using the synth alone will not give you enough depth. This is where your preproduction gets more sense. So rather then using presets, use the samples made from presets, this will give you more sense for real production and help you to achieve much louder and more realistic tracks.

Thanks for reading. :)