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SToons Music
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TriRingMod. What can you do with a simple 808 drum sample and some RingModulation? Find out!

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Here's a simple example. One single Modsynth and almost zero creativity involved. Don't tune out before bar 32, that's where it just starts to get interesting. Knobs are randomly turned for the sole purpose of illustration, don't expect a finished product. Note the ability to control many aspects of 3 ring modulators. One is panned fully center, one on the left and one on the right.

With a little tweaking this baby can function as an exciter, sweeten pads, allow you to add tons on harmonics to percussive material like drums/ guitar/bass, add massive boom and sub -harmonics... just touching the surface.

If you're bored, put it in Pattern mode, find a rhythmic combo you like and start tweaking the Octave, Semi and Cents.

And of you want to see more of these instructional threads you better speak up soon - I'm beginning to seriously wonder if I'm wasting my time. Not creating, that's never an issue. Spending the time to share, that's becoming highly suspect.

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Hey man, I'm enjoying your

Hey man, I'm enjoying your tutorials a lot.. you're like a Caustic Black Belt Sensei to me.. I really like your automation and drone tutorials.
You show how sophisticated Caustic really is..

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You are definitely not

You are definitely not wasting your time. You helping to develop a lot of us. I think it may be a good idea to spread this knowledge beyond this forum. This is why I suggested (by PM you) creating short tutorial videos for those. It may be also a good idea to gather all your lessons in one pdf file with screenshots maybe? Then pack it up in a zip file with all project files.

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I was going to start new

I was going to start new thread but will jump in here instead to follow up on Funzerkerr. I want to learn what is happening, not just use this as a preset, but reverse engineering your mod setups is nearly impossible. First, though, you owe us nothing, so I'm not intending to put any obligation on you.

What I'd like to see is something that doesn't even need a video. Just the steps as you build, and the effect they have. For example.

1)Add Machine Input from "X" and modulate with "X" envelope.

2)Add "X" and connect output to input of "X". This will have "X" effect on the signal which can be controlled with "X"

3) ...

You've done some of this in the past, but I'm afraid you take for granted how much knowledge I have (pretty spotty).

No obligation but in this way, I can learn what is actually happening rather than trying to detangle spaghetti (when I'm not even sure what it's doing in the first place!)




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JHSound is right. If making

JHSound is right. If making video or screenshots will cost too much time it would be wise to show us step by step.

If SToons will decide he want to make a video - even better! Maybe not now, but like for the future.