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Caustic Song file (optional): 

Control the song with modular synth.

In this example the modsynth is connected with everything you do. It was connected the whole time but in this case it's more advanced because the limits of compression are removed. You can master your mix with it.

I do this when I get lost in the frequencys of my mix and I need that one extra thing that will push everything one step back or one step forward.

Caustic is all about utilities and this one helps to get a better feel what is going wrong in your mix. The best part is that you can easily master channel by channel in mixer and never influence to other one. This also open gates for sampling in any scales you use. I hope you like the idea. It's inspired by my update request that will probably be ignored and forgotten. In there I mentioned a loop synth, that convert the pattern in to a sample. This is something like that, it is quite crazy when you start playing with it. But it's not even close to a looper that I have in mind.