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Having problems using my own WAV files in Beatbox

First of all this is whole program AMAZING! I've not seen anything else out there on the Android market that comes close. I paid for the full app last night.
I didn't even use the demo, the screenshots and reviews were enough to convince me that this was the start of something awesome.
But I need some help. I don't understand where to drop in WAV files for them to work in Beatox or PCMSynth. When I long-press the play/preview button on a Beatbox sample track it doesn't give me the option to load a sample like you explained on another page somewhere. How do I import them, or don't I need to? I've checked that they are 16bit. Am I putting them in the right folder? SD:\caustic\samples\beatbox.

I'm sure it's just me doing something wrong because the program is great and from what i've read on this forum I really excited that i'll be able to get stuff done on the move.

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Hi Tinson the same thing

Hi Tinson the same thing happened with me. You don't actually need to press the play preview button at all (I think this may have been from Caustic 1). If you move down from the play/preview button you should see another button on each channel with three dots. Press that and it will take you into the menu to load your own WAVs.

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Yup, the hold-preview action

Yup, the hold-preview action was from Caustic 1 where the beatbox was much simpler.

As for folders, it doesn't really matter where you put them, the file browsers in Caustic will let you browse up to the root of your storage device (using the yellow ".." selection at the top) and into any folder.

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