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SToons Music
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Probabilty Engine 3.0 - Probably Funky

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Play the song. Then go to FunkBrain, enable Send Notes To Source and play again. Suprise! And its different every single time. Happy Veterans Day.

I've included a caustic file but if you want a preview of how good this can actually sound you should play the above link (same drummer, different tune).

And if you add 8 or so different velocity samples per drum?

The guitar was done with a Yamaha SA800 if you're curious.

This was a lame attempt at trying to capture this vibe, hence the DLo3 name:


If you haven't heard them and you like in the pocket playing, it's worth a listen.

SToons Music
Joined: 03/01/2018 - 02:48
Well that's it for me. I did

Well that's it for me. I did my best, I worked very hard to see this community come together in some small way and I failed.

This is a depressing and largely unsupportive "community" and quite clearly that's not going to change.

At least if I leave I don't have to deal with the frequent discomfort that comes with my disgust at such complacency and disinterest. This atmosphere is actually stifling.

I tried, I really did.

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Nah, don't go that way.  Here

Nah, don't go that way.  Here's the truth, at least for me.  You were a virtual exploding fountain of information and new ideas and I just couldn't keep up.  I was just wrapping my head around RM and seeing how you got it to work in the Modular but you were already 10 steps ahead in both that and the randomizing patterns, etc. I did give you a tip o' the cap in my last Show and Tell track post because the percussion in that is essentially Beatbox modulating a PadSynth to get RM (I think, haha).  But between 3 jobs and other "life" things, I just couldn't keep up.

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*what he said*

*what he said*

I'm out of the house and / or at work for at least 12 hours each day, and making music is one of the things I do to try and stay sane but I struggle to find time to read or reply to everything here - I really appreciate the effort you put in the tools and tricks you share, even when I don't comment on all the threads.

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Sorry that's how you see it.

Sorry that's how you see it. You've posted a lot of good stuff here and I'll get around to it eventually for sure. But like others, there's just no way I could possibly keep up, let alone catch up.

I don't know what's worse though, not having the time or feeling like you have to explain that. Anyway not that it should matter, but my work day typically starts between 4 and 7am and ends 10 to 14 hrs later. I know it doesn't take long to comment here and there, but if I decided to make a point of it, my life would then just be work and caustic and nothing else.

Anyway you got the wrong attitude man. If you really feel like leaving then just go quietly like so many other people unfortunately have. Instead it's almost like you're basically saying "F**k off, bye". Just don't go feeling like you wasted your time.