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Not Granular Delay, but...

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Don't know if this is interesting enough to warrant being called a tip or trick, but I've been getting a lot of use out of it.

Basically, by routing a signal into a bunch of differently timed delays, and using crossfaders to switch between them randomly, you can approach something that sounds like a granular delay. Not exactly Argotlunar, but it does what I use Argotlunar to do, which is to, like, smear a sound forward in time in a unique way.

The chain is
Input -> Delay -> XFade in
Rnd LFO -> Saturator -> (Lag Proc) -> XFade Fade

The bottom two XFades feed into the top one.

Granulr 1 is modified to use two inputs.

It sounds better with the LFOs at different speeds.

It sounds best with multiple instances chained.

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Looks interesting! Grabbed

Looks interesting! Grabbed the file.

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Hey James, check my thread

Hey James, check my thread here and tell me what you think


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(I feel bewildered) Maybe I

(I feel bewildered) Maybe I should learn more about crossfaders... The project itself is really great ^^