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Audio Process 6 ( Using The Noize)

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Say Hello to the Sunrise

Saturation is model for programming over the analog sound.
The amount of saturation depend on the model that you use to program your sound, and the amount of saturation that you use on saturator model.
Saturation is mostly used in monophonic instruments to enhance the quality of sound in general. Most of time, while we are producing sound we take a lot from his original content, that's why most of the original content gets below our hearing range.
You will also find out, eventually trough your production that is possible to use saturation as limitation breaker. Now most of the phones today are not tuned like you tune a grand piano for example, and the apps in side of it are forced to play according to the cromatic tuning for graphics. That's creates effect of pre- set up that you accept to create a new type of music ( at least thats how it sounds) That's how music styles are generated essentially.
In audio Process 6 I am explaining what is actually happening with Caustic volume Meter.
In the previous thread I explained and showed how pre-procesing works and what is actual problem with it.
Now I will explain how to apply that terminal to provide a pro production in Android system
Here I set the best set up for my Bluetooth device, but you can use any of the analog programs. All you have to do is decide from wich type of distorted sound you start with.
Your goal if you really want to push the limits of your device is to pass trough all of them.
Overdive, as you assume is bendpassing your whole setup with the analog noize.
Saturation is highpassing the volume
Feedback is audio latency simulator
Creates a spectral noize
Now this is where you meter starts to perform in normalisation mod.
So it's very useful to use the fuzz as the first distortion, and to use it as the last distortion.
In the Analogsetup file you will find my master preset and simply decide where you wanna start. At the end of project' remove the limiter in the fx slot and boost the volume on max. For more extra volume use the master EQ and if needed a parametric EQ, or simply use a reverb to get natural volume boost.