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Acid preset download

Caustic Song file (optional): 

I made this preset a while back after someone asked for something similar to what was used on new order's confusion remix used on the blade soundtrack...

It uses two oscillators slightly detuned to one another with a octave gap to give it body.

So the way it's used is the cut off and resonance is all hooked to the note velocity.

Automation would really just be on the delay control as this gives it more or less body.

Anyway, have fun with it and I'd love to hear what you guys do with it.

Cheers, Rob

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Thanks!!!  That request came

Thanks!!!  That request came from me.  I definitely get the Blade vibe from this yes .  Great work.  

My mistake was trying to attempt the sound with the baseline.  Should have known that the modular was the answer.  

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Hey, sorry for the wait! I

Hey, sorry for the wait! I made the preset then it sat on my phone gathering dust for ages and I forgot all about it!

It definately needed a bit of grunty grunge to it so a couple of detuned oscillators is always the answer for that sort of thing, whack them through a filter and then of course saturate the crap out of it. The bassline only having the single oscillator simply can't do it.

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This sounds really great ^^.

This sounds really great ^^. I once tryed to make a Acid preset (from what little knowledge I know of the genre)...

The only thing that I did correctly was to modulate the filters resonance, beyond that there were no better parts (modulation ideas) in my attempt.

This preset shed some light on what I did wrong... It did not occur to me to pass the whole signal thru a Saturator (especially with max settings).

Also the detune makes a huge difference in your setup. So thank you ^^ this definetely cleared up a my misconceptions.

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It is a superb preset - a lot

It is a superb preset - a lot of fun!