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When The Bad Mix Sound Good

I've been senting some beats to my homies that i mixed when i didn't knew shit about mixing and some new ones now i know a bit and they always be telling me the bad mixed, rough ones sounds better. i used to turn kicks and what not past the red mark and all that shit... what should i do?

Some tracks really sound better the wrong way...

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Instead of overdriving levels

Instead of overdriving levels to get those sounds try using distortion, saturation etc to get the sound and then mix appropriately. Or make those sounds however you want and export them and use them in PCMSynth or Beatbox. What you’re doing is not necessarily “bad” but you have no control of your mix if everything is at “11”. 


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What anickt just said ...

What anickt just said ...

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"But why does it go to eleven

"But why does it go to eleven" lololo


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"But why does it go to eleven

"But why does it go to eleven" lololo

Basic ratio in compression is 1.1. that's why Eleven a clock allows you to split frequency in time.
Let's cover everything by the way.

10 a clock allows you to sample key frequency. 9 a clock allows you to normalize loudness.
8 a clock is allowing you to suppress loudness on the level of note velocity.
7 a clock creates pure sinetone. Remember there is no zero loudness here.
12 a clock is system loudness.
1 a clock creates monophonic space.
2 a clock creates polyphonic space, or pure stereo.
3 a clock is for maximum time. This is where your BPM key triggers.
4 a clock is for polyphonic time. This is where all your notes play as one.
5 a clock is for maximum space.
This gives air to your whole mix.

Since Caustic has the stereo output. Your best bet is to use semi - clocks. That little space between each clock can keep your production on the most promising loudness level.

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'....if we need that extra

'....if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?'