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Wet-only Reverb by Subtracting Signals

Caustic Song file (optional): 

In Modular, the crossover/splitter module inverts its high output for reasons known only to Rej and Jeebus.

Caustic's reverb does not remove the dry signal, even at full wetness.

Adding an inverted signal is like subtracting that signal from whatever it's mixed with


-Create a dry signal
-Run it through a modular, and a crossover/splitter
-Then apply reverb to the inverted signal
-Let both signals play with equal volume in the mixer
--wet only reverb

In practice I would mix the signals in another modular so volume isn't a pain to manage, or resample altogether.
Try other effects, it's really fun.
If this was incoherent it's because I'm sick. I do not apologize.

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Ooh, I like the sound of that

Ooh, I like the sound of that without pretending to understand the physics.

I've wanted wet only output for ages - partly out of the philosophical idea that it would be interesting to use the ghost of the original sound while removing the original sound completely.

The only FX that does this out of the box is the Octaver and that sounds terrible without the original sound mixed into the output.

A limitation of Caustic is that it doesn't have a full Send / Return FX loop on each mixer channel but the design of the insert FX means that you still wouldn't get a wet only output. 

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Get well soon N.

Get well soon N.

What the hell is going on with that crossover unit?

Can I just point out that, if you want a sample of a, fully wet, master fx, you can export it as a stem?

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huh.... It actally does work... But I would need to find out where to actually apply this... Maybe, when making a reverb (because only then do I put max reverb in the mixer)

I'm impresed by this (and the fact that I eventually kinda understood when messing around with it). I only recently discovered the use of Crossover/Splitter (I onnly used filters for cutting signals in the modular)so now the inverted Highs are actually giving me even more reason to explore the patch.

On the plus side, removing the dry, makes the sound really earry, maybe I'll use that for now. Anyways, thank you for sharing ^^

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Looks like a return track for

Looks like a return track for reverb.

Thank you !