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Is there a spam script active on this website?

Sometimes when loading this website I get a spam script directing me to some bullsh*t page...
Somebody experiencing the same? I'm expiencing this with my Android tablet and with my Mac... so yeah that's why I think it's site related instead of having a virus on my devices..
It only happens when visiting this website...

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There is, but it's not coming

There is, but it's not coming from the single cell software. I done some research. I think we should stop posting SoundCloud links here. Also thread Caustic 3.2 testing should be removed from a site.
I have found some other apps that rej made on the Google play.



These are apps made by Rej. When?
Well the main reason for this to happen is that the site is outdated. It's outdated when the rej created 3.2 testing thread.
AI behind is calculated that app stopped to work so it requires a testing. That created a bug probably. And that mistake in system created a hybrid server, system that works like spam, but it's not a spam. We are maybe on the old version of the single cell software.
Everything what users did since the creation of the site, eventually will start repeating it self in a new way. That new way is created by robots. Or spam copy of the users profile.
That means. If you post a thread here it will post it self somewhere else to in a form of numbers and shortened links. Or in form of caustic files. It depends actually on the time on your device. This is what heppens usually whith most of the profiles on Steam.

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I never have an issue on my

I never have an issue on my desktop or my Chromebook but I do get a lot of scammy / spammy redirects when using the Facebook App and Chrome on my Android phone. Not on this site specifically - the point I was making was that it happens a lot when I use my phone.

Mike has said recently to avoid following the links on search engines and navigate to the site yourself.

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Yep i get redirected

Yep i get redirected sometimes

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I would be interested how

I would be interested how people are accessing the site.  I have never been redirected.

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You haven't been redirected?

You haven't been redirected? AND you are "interested" in how the humans play on the site? When's the last time you had a self captcha exam, Mr. Robot? Just kidding of coarse (pretty much)((just kidding*)) 

All my nonsense aside... I used to get redirected to questionable stuff too but only on my phone. My desktop never went anywhere but where ever what I assume to be here is. Then again straight from bookmark, not from search result though.





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Everytime I access this

Everytime I access this website from Google search results, I get redirected to some scam website on both Android and Windows 10, but if I copy the URL from Google search then paste it in my address bar, then I can access the website without any problem. No scam site either when clicking links to this website from Duckduckgo. I haven't tried accessing the website by clicking a link from a website other than Google and DDG, though.

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Yeah me too, I'm an android

Yeah me too, I'm an android user.


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Yeah I tried clicking on a

Yeah I tried clicking on a link to a post reply that was sent to me in an email (since I have that as my notification setting) just now and it sent me to the scam site, but luckily I have that thread bookmarked so I can still go there, this is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed

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Hmm, that is interesting, I

Hmm, that is interesting, I will talk with Rej.

Just FYI I have never been redirected by an email notification, so this is new to me.

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I "have" talked to Rej about

I "have" talked to Rej about this.

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I too get redirected to some

I too get redirected to some scammy "Goole Membership Rewards" page, using Chrome on Win10, and only when accessing singlecellsoftware.com (SCS). No other pages do that (or at least the ones I access).

Interesting find: When I click on SCS from Google search results, I get redirected to the said scam page. When I instantly hit the "back arrow" in Chrome, I go back to the Google search results page. I then click again on SCS and get redirected again, and quickly click "back" again and so on and so on. BUT, when I let the scam page finish loading and THEN click back and click on SCS again, I don't get redirected and my browser goes to SCS securely (with the padlock in the address bar).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this site has been vulnerable for quite some time now (I'm rarely active here, but recall experiencing the redirect some years ago already).
This is a bit concerning, and knowing just a little bit (VERY little) about hosting, cpanel apps and html, my guess is that the forum software might be compromised, or there is outdated software/code somewhere?

Also, I see there's quite a few "spammy" posts that (might) need to be reported to the forum admin, but such feature does not exist for the users here, as it does in phpbb, mybb, or WordPress.

Is it possible for the forum markup to be outdated and open for viruses?
If so, is it even possible to migrate this site to a different platform?

I hope this helps?


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Yeah this site has seemed to

Yeah this site has seemed to stay the exact same for years, at least on the front end, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some old or vulnerable code somewhere that someone is taking advantage of to do the redirects