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Illegal values in soundfonts causing crashes and underflow glitches

I've been steadily increasing my soundfont library lately for use with the PCMSynth, and noticed that a lot of files, mostly those with patches converted from other samplers, cause crashes and other unexpected behavior when the start or end points are set to values that are illegal in PCMSynth. For example, a lot of patches from the Emulator II library I downloaded have samples with start and end points set to the same value, which I presume means "play this sample as a one-shot" on the EII, but this just instantly crashes the whole program when I try to play that sample in PCMSynth.

The other related glitch (which is actually kind of cool-sounding sometimes) is that when the start or end value is set to a negative number, it causes an underflow and the sampler starts trying to play back the contents of different areas of ram. I'm using Caustic on Android, idk if this behavior is the same on other OS's

Not sure how easy this is to write protections against in future updates, or if you think it's even worth it to do so, but I figured I'd bring it to your attention. If you want I can send you some of these oddball SF2s for testing. Just let me know