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Hardstyle And Tuneable bass drums???

I'm having a hard time creating Hardstyle drums that are tunable by pianoroll in PCM or any other Machine fir that matter....ive tried using Merge Rack to layer...but when I do that I have 0 controller over adsr settings....and little effect using cutoff most of the time.....no matter where i set the hold and release times in the merge Rack....also I would like to be able to import beatbox single preset n general to pcm to be used as piano roll tunneble bass drum

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Personally, I prefer to

Personally, I prefer to 'export as loop' for drum layering.

The time settings in 'merge rack' are there to set 'sample length'. They're not an envelope generator. You can use the EG in the PCM once you have merged. The samples, by default, are in 'play all' mode, so, you'll have to change that.

Use the audio editor to export samples from a Beatbox.