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Nosidel Montesino
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I just wanted to give back to the community
My way of saying thank you!!!!

If a new update is coming I really hope that Rej make the pcmsynth a more dedicated instrument for the user that love to makes sample beats, like for example, adding a feature or the option for Auto stretch or auto sync to bpm, almost like what Rej did with the Pitch/Time tool in the sample editing window, well that feature or option should be included in the pcmsynth pianoroll window with the autosync option included, that will make it easy and less time consuming and straight to the point when working with sample... And also think that in the sample editing window should be included the option of Auto or manual slicer, the option to be able to select at less up to 16 individual parts of a sample without cutting the sample and be able to add each selected part from the sample to the piano keys without cutting the sample, almost like an MPC or like the fruityslicer in FL studio, Im really sure that every hip hop producer that use caustic will love that feature, it would be like having the MPC in your hands, I know I would love that, because I used to make sample beats on the MPC, but yes I know there is a work around that with the pcmsynth right now, but it takes a lot of time just to create 16 sample slices and adding each one to the keys in the pcmsynth , plus that basically takes the inspiration away, because the time that it takes just to do that,,, anyway i really think that would makes the pcmsynth a more complete instrument for the hip hop producer
Which I'm sure that Rej want to attract a every type of producers, and I'm sure more hip hop producer will love caustic for that, especially the mobile version, because with the mobile version you are able to catch the idea anywhere or any place, I know that's what got me fascinated about caustic mobile, I started producing with the MPC then I moved to the FL studio, for the fact of being more convenience and more on the mobile side, but then I came to the problem where I was somewhere where an ideas came to my head because I heard something that inspired that idea, but I wasn't able to grab the idea, because a laptop it's not really mobile, so I wasn't able to carry it with me everywhere, so I started looking for something that was capable of doing that, so that's when I came across caustic 3, and yes it made it possible in some way, (yes I'm addicted to using caustic☺) anyway I just want to be able to do everything in caustic without the need of using something else, so PLEASE Rej in the next update add that option to the pcmsynth, those options will make producing I caustic a more easy and a less time consuming work flow and will keep the inspiration pumping, and I'm sure that will make the pcmsynth a more complete tool for the real hip hop producer, when it come to making sample beats....
Anyway sorry for my english, English is not my official language