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Alternate Chord Input Method (Feature Request)

Hey gang. I've been using Caustic ever since I had a Toshiba Thrive and it's amazing to see how many new features have been added over the years. As an accordionist it occured to me that a handy feature for a future release would be a Circle of 5ths chord input option similar to the bass side of an accordion, or an Omnichord for quickly and easily entering in chord progressions (especially with the pad synth). Something that replaces the keyboard on the screen with rows of buttons arranged in a circle of 5ths, major, minor, major 7, minor 7 like an accordion and maybe with combos like the Omnichord to get augmented and diminished chords.

Just an idea.

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Wow thats actually a great

Wow thats actually a great idea, I'm also an accordionist (have to say that, when you feel the buttons you never want to come back).

But chords can be built, (haven't tried a lot of conplex ones but its a hasstle), but its still doable.