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Crappy Modular Timpani

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Was reading this article


and decided it looked cool, although horribly written and lacking in major aspects while needlessly meandering over others and inexplicably providing no audio examples - but I digress.

So with my general lack of serious understanding I made this attempt which lies somewhere between a pure sine wave and a Timpani. Or a sine wave and a dog trying to bark like a Timpani. I'm not expecting a perfect kettle drum but something kinda like it would be cool.

FWIW in the reference Timpani sample I used the most dominant harmonic to enter after the initial hit is a flat 7th. Would have been nice if they provided theirs.

Oh well. Try, try again. Seems like maybe the FM rig I used to generate the overtone series fed thru a few different filters might do as good or better job. Still have to try the other method described last in the article. Again would be nice if he gave specific values instead of referencing a synth most people don't own. A value of "13" means shit if you don't know the range.

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I didn't read the article but

I didn't read the article but had a go at making a timpani sound using the sawsynth to generate a wave than was mixed in with a couple of other generators using the modular synth... 

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