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Please, have a look!

Hi guys, I've just made a new track. It's my second track, and I've put alot of effort into it! Please give it a listen, and tell me what you think!

I implemented what I've just learnt in Caustic into this new track, which is "Automation". It is such an amazing tool!
It seriously is like magic... It opened up many possibilities with it's flexibilities. Being able to adjust the knobs and switches automatically... it really is a nifty tool that makes life so much easier...

I've also dabbled a little bit into the Vocoder, and it is really exciting... I can't believe you could do such a thing with Caustic!
I was so amazed by it when I saw the tutorial, experimented a little, but didn't get what I wanted... guess I'll need more practice! I initially wanted to get a vocaloid in the future, but it seems like I can somehow achieve something similar using the vocoder, which is pretty amazing.

Anyway, I know the track isn't as perfect as I wanted it to be, as I seem to be lacking in certain experience to perfect it... but I guess it's something that I can look forward to in the future when I revisit the track after I've gained more experience.

Let me know your honest opinions, and constructive feedback is welcomed! Thanks!