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Save to SD Card by default for Caustic + Mastering app

Hey, it's me again. I apologize for asking questions constantly.
I've just recently purchased the Mastering app, worked on the files, and realized I'm running out of space on my phone's internal storage.
I have plenty of space on my external storage though, so I wanted to know if there was a way to set the default location of saving files into the external storage?

I've searched around, but can't seem to find an answer to it. I did find out that I can access the external storage though, through the secret numpad code thingy, which means that I can manually shift my files into the external storage and load it there. However, it would be helpful if I would be able to specify the save location for Caustic and Mastering. If anyone knows, do share... thanks!

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Ok First of all writing to

Ok First of all writing to external storage is probably impossible for an app that isn't natively from your system.

However you can Read from an SD with root access (altho you would also need a sectret code for caustic and Mastering (its the same for both), you could find it by just searching "code" on this site, there is one where it enables reading from an external storage)

However for all of this you need to root  your device and thats tricky (most of the time) I suggest doing resarch before proceeding, also think if you really need it, because Obtaining root can also soft brick your device (yeah there is risk involved).

So please think about it before doing harsh actions on your phones system (and this is for android users don't know about Iphone tho)

I however did have an LG L42, which had only 2GB storage, so I Obtained root acces and once I finished my projects, I  threw them straight to the SD card so that they wouldn't take up the internal storage, and if I wanted to listen to the project I just loaded it from the SD (thats why you need that secret code for this), for an update of the project I just moved it to my SD again deleting the version before it.


So yeah, Hope this helps. ^^