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Help Needed with Caustic 3

Hello, my name is Etzinho

I have a problem with Caustic 3. Im trying to import a MP3 file, converted to WAV, that is about 2 minutes long. I tried using the WAV form editor but when i load the file it always caps at around 42 seconds. I cant get the program to load the entire file, and in searching for a solution saw some videos on youtube, in which people would load files longer than a minute and it would load perfectly. I tried using the latest version of caustic, with the license/key bought, using my Samsung Galaxy A9, and also tried using the PC software that i found on this website, in a Windows 10 PC.

I tried using other samples/WAVs also longer than 42 seconds, but it would not let me load. I also didnt find any option in the settings regarding file size/time limit

If anyone could give me help/tips on how to solve this issue i would deeply appreciate it



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The vocoder will take a

The vocoder will take a bigger file, not sure if it will take two minutes though...

However, when you load up the sample you will see a red line in the editor where it will cut it off... You need to split your sample into multiple chunks to get it in and spread these chunks across the keyboard.

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I use audacity to either

I use audacity to either downgrade the samplerate (the PCM can load 46 second samples at 22050 Hz, adding reverb and effects usually covers for the loss in quality) or speed up the sample (also changing pitch), and then play it back at a lower octave in the PCM so that it's back to normal speed. That way I've used wav stems up to two minutes length in the PCM.

You can download audacity for free, windows/mac