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Setup from Commandline causes the virtual SD card to fail setup

Installing the NSIS based Caustic_3.2.0_installer.exe by commandline with the /s (for silent setup) option causes the virtual SD card to fail it's setup without error message. I could't figure out how exactly this virtual SD card normally installs. When the setup is run manually (with visual interface and clicking) it works, when it's run by commandline with the silent option it installs but when starting caustic it says: "Error: Can't find virtual sdcard directory, please re-install caustic".

We use the silent option for Softwaredeployment. And 2 of our schools rly like Caustic for music lessons because the synth is quite straight forward.

The files are all at the same places with commandline and manual setup, but it seems something must still be different.

Can you tell me how the virtual sdcard is setup during the install routine? Maybe some .dll that doesn't register or any registry entry?