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Game Boy Colour Sample Pack

(Updated for details)

For your editing pleasure: ripped some samples from Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Colour).  Samples are 32-bit raw WAV. 

All samples are 100%, but note that some samples clip at the very end.  You can easily fix this by omitting the end in sampler or wav editor.  This was due to being unable to obtain the whole sample data after cutting - some samples lost sound data if the clips were removed.


MD/SHA values for this folder, in case these get shared around:

MD5: cdb7919a36f6946cc25753a6322d7187
SHA-1: a0942149f5d55f479b3c0d15015ff8e3faefb891
SHA-256: fe3258c3ce58f0c81dccb5b2323e5671971ebf13b9b12cc8e7c29b5c6ba9603a
SSDEEP393216: sd3TxcwpcC06cOiUjZM7pfd+FQ1g5nQTMMZZo2uy+Tp6BxBLnR9Tf4lt7RB6jHCy:UFcE06z+7pl+QgUjcy+TAxBLnRNglTBu


After this period, samples will be available and posted on Telegram.



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This sample pack will now be

This sample pack will now be available via the Caustic 3 DAW channel on Telegram


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sorry telegram is very 37331

sorry telegram is very 37331 i guess but i dont understand the use of moving from an existing forum to another platform which i would be another additional thing to take care about... and considering the fact that not all people would use that telegram group it would mean to split knowledge from one source into two. makes no sence in my eyes. 

also i dont think the content of this forum is as sensible that it is been overwatched by an evil superpower to defeat and enslave all caustic users...

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I couldn't download please

I couldn't download please use another way to release