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This must be the place synth

Does anybody know how Talking Heads get that iconic sound and is it possible to recreate in Caustic? Thanks.

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I guess you mean the fluty

I guess you mean the fluty sound playing melody? If soo the sound is very simple to reproduce, its a simple sine wave with slow attack and a little release added. The way its played may be a challenge though. Most parts are played with two notes simultainous and theres lots of pitchbend action to. In Caustic you need to set polyphony to one in order to bend a note, so to bend two notes you need to machines. Try using the SubSynth, thats what I did and had a perfect match in a few seconds. Soo...

1. Place a SubSynth in a slot.

2. Create the sound you need and save it.

3. Insert another SubSynth and load the preset you just saved.

4. Play the first note of the melody on the first machine

5. Play the second note of the melody on the second machine

There you have it. Note that you can copy patterns from the first machine and paste them in the second. Then use transpose to get the right notes on the second machine.

Hope that helps...