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Caustic Not Responding to Mouse Clicks

I have been using Caustoc ON and OFF for several years now.

I am on Windows 10 Up to Date as of today, 23 Sept 2019. 

I am beginning to use Caustic again after a gap of about 4 months.

Now Mouse Clicks do not work, for example, for navigating through Caustic. 

However if I move Caustic windows a bit, after every mouseclick, Caustic registereds and has the correct behavior.

This is very frustrating - and I thought it is the notorious windows 10 mouse issues - but cannot figure it out after trying for a week.

Mouse is working fine with all other applications and so it is not a mouse problem, unless it is an isolated problem at the iuntersection of mouse and caustic.

Appreciate any tips and help.


P.S. Sorry for the typos -- this low constrast view does not go well with my eyes. 

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You mean on the unsupported,

You mean on the unsupported, free, windows version of Caustic? I'll look into it when I get back from holidays next week.