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What is the best way to EQ?

Inside the app, what is the best way to EQ each instrument?


Imagine a song has drum machine, chords, bass, some other chord making instrument etc. How should I EQ them? Many questions come to me when mixing...

Thanks :)

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I don't think there is an

I don't think there is an answer to this question.

There is no "best way" to EQ, you decide how you want the instrument to sound, so if you want the drums muffled then cut the top off, if you want them tinny then cut the bottom off...

Generally you want to try and keep your frequencies clean so you may have a noise sound muddying the hi hats and crashes, so you might want to use the parametric eq to cut the frequencies that are interfering, but largely... Just do it by ear, you are right!

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Here's a great tutorial by

Here's a great tutorial by Magnus Maximus if you want to learn how to get a clean mix.. His tracks are great his mixing  sounds clean and balanced. In my opinion he's one of the best producers that uses Caustic..

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The video is good start but

The video is good start but even there you see that it's your ear that is the ultimate test.  Midrange sounds can be problem, crashing into each other, filling up too much space. On video you see he cuts mids on some individual instruments but he also does something I've done on almost all my tracks. Create a subtle "smile" on the master EQ to bring the mids back a bit.  I also like cutting unneccessary frequencies in mixer, such as the highs on a bass, or the bass on hi hat.

Another fun mixing experiment is to go nuclear on an instrument channel. Drop all frequencies to zero and start bringing them back up, one at a time and see how it affects the sound and the mix.

No magic, just your ear.

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I picked up the Fabfiler pack

I picked up the Fabfiler pack a while back for iOS. In an attempt to better understand what I had my hands on I went to the Fabfilter website and discovered not only tutorials on each effect, but some great tutorials on mixing and mastering in general. Check it out: https://www.fabfilter.com/video/

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Thanks for all the answers.

Thanks for all the answers. As I suspected. But I thought there would be some general rules or something like that when improving clarity or quality.

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Well there is actually few

Well there is actually few things to remember.
While you are doing your work on eq , on one synth input, mute all the other synths.
This will improve your mixing skills, and it will give you enough room to play with eq. To get even better results, use a compressor and sidechain that compressor with syinth that is muted. This will give you even better sound if you master the tecnic.

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