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Modular Dynamics

Caustic Song file (optional): 

If you open this file and press 'play', you'll hear a Beatbox running through a parallel compressor, set, fully, 'dry'.
There are two input modules. The left input drives the sidechain. The right input is the audio source.

The, top, left, marked, 'Input 1' controls wet/dry 'mix'. Turn it up.
Bottom row, left 'Input 1' is the 'threshold' control. Turn it down for less gain reduction. This parameter can be controlled with velocity (Input 2).
Bottom row, right 'Input 1' is a 'response' control. No, individual, attack and release parameters here. It's either fast response (as is), or slow. This parameter can, also, be controlled with velocity (Input 2).

Where possible, these controls, and their positions, are common throughout. However, there is no 'mix' control for the 3 band setup.
The 'AB' machines use a DADSR EG to control 'mix'.
And the 'Vel Gate' machine uses 'velocity'. A velocity value of 5 is fully wet. 100, fully dry.
And, no, separate, sidechain access for any of these machines.

A set of default machines can be downloaded as a causticpack here...