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Move projects to new device?

Hey Everyone, I'm new to posting here and the website in general, but I've been messing around with Caustic for a few years now. I've gone through a few phones that met tragic endings and have lost all my projects over time. This time, however, my phone is still intact and I have some songs that I would like to keep working on as I move to another phone. I tried looking around and haven't found much to explain how I can do that, while keeping all of parameters intact. Any help? TIA

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Compress them into zip files

Compress them into zip files and send it via Bluetooth.

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To add to this... I'm

To add to this... I'm assuming you're an android user...

If you're on android find the caustic folder. The songs folder within that are all your songs and the presets folder are your presets (who'd have thought eh!).

Personally I've bought an app called drive sync which allows you to create folder pairs with your local device and your Google drive. So it keeps everything backed up and if you use multiple devices or change devices it keeps everything in sync without you needing to do anything.

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Me too. I sync my complete

Me too. I sync my complete caustic folder to google drive. First for backup and second to have access from other platforms. 



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I upload all into google

I upload all into google drive account and download in another device

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Dropbox and / or Google Drive

Dropbox and / or Google Drive - I often use my desktop to move data around.