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Orchestral Pack from versil studios

I tend to enjoy placing real instruments alongside my electronic ones. They make a good mix most of the time and it's something I enjoy hearing. I've gone to this site a few times wondering where I could get some presets and I didn't really find much, although, with enough web searching I found VSCOs... Which ended. On the bright side; it gave 2 other websites that are wonderful and gave samples to instruments for free and paid! I grabed the free packs and put them together in the PCMsynth to make a content pack for everyone to enjoy.
Tags (for easy searching): Clarinet, Contra Bass, Saxophone, Cello, Violin, Drum, Bassoon, Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Harp, Marimba, Oboe, Ocarina, Piano, Piccolo, Recorder, Organ, Trombone, trumpet, tuba, Xylophone, Wine Glass
(wine glass was recorded by me, I enjoyed how it sounded so I snuck it in the pack. Enjoy!)

Pack Download:


Website Source:

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I've downloaded them and I'll

I've downloaded them and I'll have a listen later... I'll let you know what I think :)

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Just grabbed them.  Will give

Just grabbed them.  Will give you some feedback soon!

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İ downloaded it And liked so

İ downloaded it And liked so much.You don't know how Cool is this pack.It's fire. Each of Them is Perfect.Big Thanks, Bro...